Frequently Asked Questions

When do you set up?

We will arrive 2-3 hours prior to your event.

What happens if it rains?

We suggest planning an alternative date to hold the event in case of rain. If weather prevents the event from going on we can setup for the alternative date at no cost. Alternatively if there is an indoor venue available your event can be moved inside.

Can we play music?

Prior to your movie our sound system can be used to play music from your phone.

How long does it take to pack up?

Your event technician will require approximately 1 hour to pack up all equipment.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept cash or check.

Is a deposit required?

A deposit is not required.

How much space is required for the 20′ screen?

Our 20′ screen requires a footprint of 16′ W x 8′ L x 10′ H. All equipment is setup behind the screen leaving your seating area open for your guests. Speakers are setup alongside of the screen.

When can the movie start?

If outdoors the best time to start the movie is at the end of civil twilight. This occurs about 28 minutes after sunset. If time is a constraint the movie can be started earlier.

Can you setup indoors?

Yes, we can setup indoors or outdoors.

Are we responsible for equipment?

You are not responsible for normal wear and tear of our equipment. However, if damage occurs due to negligence of a guest you will be responsible for the cost to replace the effected equipment. Your event technician will put safety cones around the equipment to keep guests out.

Do you provide movies?

No, the media must be provided by you. We provide a DVD/Blu-Ray player and all equipment required to view it on our screen.

Can we use online streaming services like Netflix?

If WiFi or a wired network connect is provided, yes. Arrange with us ahead of time to provide a computer. You must use your own Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc account.

What video connectors can you use?

We prefer HDMI, but our projectors can also use DisplayPort or VGA.