20′ Screen Package

20′ Screen Package


Our standard screen package.


  • 20ft Diagonal Screen
  • Full HD (1080p) 60Hz, High Brightness Projector
  • DVD/Blu-ray Player
  • 2x Top Speakers
  • 1x Subwoofer


Our inflatable 20ft diagonal screen won’t disappoint. We use a very bright Full HD projector which is also capable of rear projection. We can even hook up your gaming console or cable television to the screen! From the front of the screen our equipment can fit neatly behind at just 8 feet from a wall. This eliminates trip hazards and opens the entire sitting area available to your guests. In addition, our sound system includes two main speakers and one subwoofer for crystal clear sound replication and stunning bass.


Here’s some previews of our screen package. Please note that due to the camera used it is difficult to portray the true image of the projection and the camera may show apparent color bars.

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